Hey guys – I’m a ‘Tipster’ and I think I’m pretty good !

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    tcage WANTED $2

    Hey guys,

    I’m a 19 year old basketball fanat, I’m a big fan of this slots channel, I don’t play slots myself as I’m only 19 and no way can I afford some of the craziness that he does but I find it brilliant especially your reel king hits.

    I will be posting my bets here I do £100 -> £1000 Challenges, usually takes me four bets on InPlay Basketball.

    If your interested or just want to see my bets please join my WhatsApp group, will also be posting on the forum here and there, Nice to meet you all.


    Whatapp group link:

    Please dont post link not authorised mate and you can always post in the betting section if you wanna show your bets for that time and people want to they can subscribe to your forum post so they are notified when new posts are made 🙂 (Edited – Seedy)


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