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    1sevensamurai WANTED $1

    Hello guys and gals,

    I came here because I need help and advice from more experienced gamblers. I have taken up online gambling only recently. Probably the greatest mistake I have made is to start gambling without previously researching it. I thought it was a piece of cake, you just register at the casino and play along. Oh boy, how wrong was I!

    Firstly, the registration process is much more thorough and detailed than I thought. I even stumbled upon some issues, but fortunately, everything was resolved successfully. Secondly, I found it hard to make my first deposit. If you ask me why, I really don’t know. Everything was going smoothly — I verified my account and linked it with my bank account. Then it was on hold for almost 5 days! It’s strange, I know. It was finally released yesterday, so I could start gambling for real.

    And of course I squandered almost everything that I deposited because of my stupidity. Initially, I couldn’t quite grasp the notions of wagering requirement, bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, etc. Upon researching and reading articles, things become somewhat clearer. But I’m still losing my money!

    Have you got any advice for a stupid rookie like me? Currently, I’m playing slots only as I find them the easiest (easiest my a**, but I can’t imagine myself playing poker or blackjack yet). I’d really appreciate your help. Drop your tips (and tricks) in the comments!

    Xbobmad WANTED $716

    The first mistake you made is registering at a casino. Walk away now 👍 there’s only one winner in the end and it’s not the gambler

    towels WANTED $3

    Play at the biggest and most well known sites only, expect lots of hassle when you first get registered etc. It’s all a pain compared to the old days. And getting worse – unless you love online slots (which I’ve you’ve never registered before you probably don’t… not enough to put up with today’s nonsense anyway) I’d just not bother yourself tbh and go do something better where the people taking your money don’t also treat you like turd.

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

    Expect a review of your details when you pass the 3k withdraw marker … might include urine  sample and swearing an allegiance to the almighty goat lord bahhhhh…….after that it’s all good……. Until you find you’ve got a bigger addictive personality than a diabetic opalumpa who works at the chocolate river in wonkas factory and “somehow “ you end up living in a shed ………….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)