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    robscouser WANTED $1

    hey guys, so i am registered on gamstop since oct 2018 for 5 years and life is great, however after news of death in the family last week i felt very low, anyway i wanted to turn to my usual stress relief and try to open some accounts on casinos with no joy, however i managed to open an account with casumo with all the details used on gamstop, could not believe my luck, made 3 deposits of 100, 250 and 500, of course i lost the lot, my account is now blocked but should not have been allowed to open in the first place, am i entitled to get my deposits back??  im sure if i had won then my withdrawal  would have been refused

    lukey924 WANTED $4

    Interesting question…. Ive just had the same happen with Grovesnor Casino. Been on Gamstop for a while. Received an email from Grovesnor this morning telling me i needed to use my play points as they are removing them soon. So followed the link and could believe it but it let me log in and deposit £25.00.

    I doubt i will get a refund. Gamstop say it has occurred as i use a different email address with Grovesnor compared to the one used on Gamstop.

    Whats everyones thoughts on this? I would have thought as it is a government run scheme that has technically failed you should be entitled to money back.


    However i doubt it.

    Thisgirl2019 WANTED $121

    I highly doubt you’d get your money back to be honest!

    I hope you’re ok after the recent hard times you’ve had but as you made the choice to deposit knowing you where signed up to Gamstop I’m not sure you have any legs to stand on regardless if they should have let you or not!

    I May be wrong but Goodluck!

    Haz40 WANTED $1,165

    Sorry to hear about the death in your family and to be the bearer of bad news but no you have absolutely no chance of getting your deposits back. This topic has been raised many times and the outcome is always the same.

    Eightblack WANTED $445

    If you had self excluded from casumo directly I think then you would have a chance but as haz said your not the first to ask and as of yet I’ve not heard of anyone getting refunded ? sorry dude. By all means have a go though no harm in trying

    robscouser WANTED $1

    Thanks for your replies, obviously this week with a clearer head I can realise my mistake, I guess this is not just about the deposit its also about the fact casumo allowed me to open an account without checking gamstop first, is this a moral and legal issue perhaps?

    Quazzi WANTED $138

    Shouldnt of been allowed to deposit in the first place. Yet more failings by the casino to prevent this kind of thing.. But hey, free money for them right?

    I know they probably have measures in place to prevent things like this but people do fall through the net but doubt they care anyways.

    Seedy WANTED $1,234

    You will not get anything back as you have actively tried to get around your own enforced gamstop to be able to deposit at a casino. Please remember that all the things in place are just like Nicorette patches they are there to help but you need to want them to work for it to be effective 🙂


    Hotdog77 WANTED $1

    You shouldn’t be entitled to a penny. You clearly tried to scam the casino and chance your luck.


    Dune2000 WANTED $204

    This question comes up that often that we need a help desk with an auto-generated response to this question.

    How are your help desk skills Seedy? 🙂

    fj9oso WANTED $1

    Despite the fact that casinos will never be a loser, many people argue that it’s real to make money there if you play in an honest and reliable hall.

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