Hello I’m new here 👋

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    Lukeski84 WANTED $1

    Hello Mr Bandit (yes I’m aware that’s not your real name lol)… just been a fan of your videos since I got barred from my local Wethers (I’m a one man party!) … naturally I couldn’t get my fix on the pub slots so I got into watching online streamers & I have to say that Bandit slots is right up there, I like the chat & the banter & tbh those puns of yours are rather catchy (the missus has been saying ‘where you got that from’ , clearly I’m rather impressionable 😂…


    from watching online streamers I’ve gotten into online gaming myself , but naturally I curb it not to loose all the time!! It’s great having a daily view /sometimes catch it every few days, I find it pretty relaxing tbh & I have a laugh along the way too… keep up the great work mate .. cheers from Lincolnshire 👋 Luke

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    Hello I’m new here 👋,

    “Embarking on a Crypto Journey sounds like an exciting adventure! It’s fascinating how the crypto landscape continues to evolve, offering new opportunities and challenges. Are you diving into specific cryptocurrencies or exploring the broader blockchain technology? I’m eager to hear about your experiences and discoveries along the way!”

    Danieldavies1976 WANTED $2

    Hi everyone  I. New here and I need a question answered. I gamble  and want to no the best VPN to use and how does the vpn work

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