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    Snaggledog WANTED $2

    Hi, in the video you posted on Saturday 6th jan, and many others prior to this I felt you showed responsibility in your playing. What I mean by that, is we all like to play slots and gamble and general. We all go too far on occasions and spend more than we should. Denial in this is so commonplace that it becomes tedious. I love watching your videos because you are an honest reflection of a typical person who gambles.

    I was hoping you could play star clusters at some point. I doubt it has bonus buys but if you get it going it’s multipliers can go berserk. It has a max win of about 46000x and I’ve had some £10k+ wins on £5 stake. You need to be patient with it as it does offer 2 spin bonuses a little too often, but if you get 5 spins or above it can really explode.

    Thanks for your content, glad you got your bank sorted.

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