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    Hacko1 WANTED $181

    Well done youtube for removing my favourite videos on your site of the bandit, so instead I have had to watch mind numbing videos of mindless unprovoked violent attacks on innocent people which clearly you approve of in the name of entertainment. How can it not be ok to watch someone playing a casino game but ok to watch people getting run over by trucks and dragged half a mile up the road while their limbs are being ripped from their torso or an innocent bystander getting his head caved in by a group of bullies etc etc etc etc

    Hope you find another platform to stream your videos on bandit as your loyal viewers will follow you and we can all give a big hairy finger to youtube




    Kingkennyoo9 WANTED $7

    What about the adverts YouTube put in the video’s advertising betting and gambling sites

    babyface WANTED $36

    In all fairness you could say they are taking a moral stance.  Bottom line is that the bandits videos, entertaining as they may be, not only promote gambling but actively encourage addictive behaviours by offering financial incentives.

    As I said earlier- remove the links, remove the free raffles, remove the advertising and the videos won’t get removed

    Do you tube advertise gambling, yep, but they get paid for it – where is there incentive to allow the bandit to do it?




    Johnhudson37 WANTED $0

    So I can watch people being shoot or being.bullied animals being mistreated or people vomiting suicide ( the bridge)  or mass shootings ( columbine)  but someone playing a few games clearly stating 18+ as starts constantly makes point on gambling being.bad and lose money is taken town? I worry fir correctness going mad

    babyface WANTED $36

    Merely playing devils advocate here 🙂

    Kaneburns WANTED $1

    Shit that he’s been banned but to be fair all these channels make money from doing it from ppl with gambling problems

    golfo4 WANTED $1

    The same old shit, which is getting worse I may add, Politian’s cant sort our country out two years of total crap, trump is head of thee free world ? streamers put things on you tube about gambling and all of a sudden they have a moral conscience to take it away, which was my choice to watch, we are being brainwashed on what we can do and say, I only ever seen it when I wanted to watch it, yet another choice I had gone.

    Good luck Bandit, hope you find a route back.

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