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    ImperialDragon WANTED $69

    I’ve nicknamed myself after my favourite slot, Imperial Dragon, the cousin and re-skin of Thai Princess by Blueprint.

    I like the layout of these boards with the different topics / sections.  I prefer this type of set-up to Facebook as I find it more personal.  The board rules seem fine – i.e. no personal attacks but a bit of swearing and banter is ok!  I will have to add though that when I click the “new topic” button at the top, I get a JavaScript error, but if I fill in the “creat new topic” form at the bottom, then it works fine.

    I’ve been a casual fruit machine player since the early 90s, jackpots ranging from £6ish up to £70 in the late 2000s.  For me, the playability of these machines went downhill in the early 2010s, so I started dabbling with B3 machines, namely Reel King.  Apparently these used to be S16 machines.  I heard nightmare stories about S16s, so I avoided them and only started playing them as B3s.  Staying in the arcades (and later the bookies), I gradually got familiar with Monty’s Millions, Rocky, Mega Bars, Thai Flower, Star Wars, Ooh Aah Dracula, Jewel in the Crown (so lots of Barcrests) and then eventually of course Imperial Dragon / Thai Princess.

    Starting in late 2015, I subscribed to Stop & Stop on YouTube as he plays a lot of B3s which is my territory.  Then I found the Bandit who as we know does online gambling but I was still interested as it has a big overlap with the arcades e.g. Reel King and Thai Flower.

    Then I took the plunge to ‘go online’ and joined Backinamo.  I entered Video Slots for the first time this month!  I did really well actually.  Deposited £50, no bonus.  End result: 140x bonus on Reel Heist (50p > £70ish), then 120x bonus on Laser Fruit (60p > £72), then I did a £50 / 50p buy-out on White Rabbit which re-triggered once for 4 extra spins and it went for £180.  Cashed out £275 🙂

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