Greetings fellow Backinamoners :)

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    mcgameboy WANTED $5

    Hi everyone, I’m Martin, from Belfast.

    Been a member of the Casinomeister forum for nearly 5 years. And have been slotting regularly since I joined (you see, it’s THEIR fault I’m an addict! :P).

    Taking a bit of a break from gambling at the minute (partially because of the footie, but more because I am running super bad on the slots in 2018).

    Have watched the odd Bandit video here and there over the past year or so, blissfully unaware he had his own site.

    So when I did find out he had one, I thought “I’ll sign up to some of that”. So here I am.

    PS Love your work, Bandit. Keep it up mate 🙂


    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Welcome Martin! 🙂

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    Hey there Martin,

    Glad to have you here ??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)