Goonies Return – Awful?

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    Matty15602 WANTED $6

    So I’ve got an app that tracks my play on slots. On The Goonies Return, I’ve done upwards of 6,000 spins. My top win has been 256x from a base game red key feature(hidden treasure, 3 wild reels with a few x2 and x3).

    I have never seen a game to allergic to bonusing in my life. The game is absolutely full of 2-scatter teases, sometimes even rolling on 30+ teases in one session. When the bonus actually does land, it’s always one of the bottom three features, averaging either 25x or below. Absolutely shocking for how rare it is to land. So really, to be in with any chance of winning, you’ve got to gamble the feature; which is really quite disgusting as you have to gamble 50/50 odds at least three times – gambling a feature that lands once a blue moon, I might add.

    Another thing is the max payout – 50,000x. Anyone else sat scratching their head? I can only imagine it reaching that potential in the top feature, which is near enough a Money Train 2 bonus, but from what I’ve read, even that feature averages out at around 160x.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Blueprints. But I can’t find the will to keep playing them when they’re so needlessly ‘volatile'(shite).

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

    yeah I like the new goonies, but I can’t fathom the kind of luck you need for 50,000x …. I’d can’t imagine a game like goonies doing it. Goonies has always been a “you put 10 in and get 15 out “ and you can build a small balance, because the mini games would drop quote quickly….but yeah the gamble ladder is definitely tweak to be more unforgiving than the first version ..

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