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    thegiddo WANTED $2

    Hello folks I have noticed that many streamers Mr Bandit especially will gamble the bottom two bonuses, I only play poor mans stakes 20p and would say i average on organ bonus least 8-10 pounds most i have had is £20 back and frattellis lair one about a fiver. Might be my ignorance but on £2 stake (admit i have never braved that high) surely would be a ton or more just curious on anyone elses experience of these two bonuses either on 20p or higher. Maybe they are worth playing on bonus hunts.????

    Cheers for any info stay safe stay lucky







    Chalks34 WANTED $8

    I often take the organ bonus can pay well never take the bottom one ha good luck to you

    Masquerade WANTED $14

    I’ve posted on ‘the Goonies’ over on CM but the server does send down some stats that might be for a client-side gamble that changes. No fixed data bit the results are the same per stake so far. I don’t know why the server sends this TBH. Possibly a gamble-wheel not yet implemented ??

    SAMPLE (losing) Gamble Spin going from Frateliis to Skel Organ on £1:

    <GambleInfo type=“FEATURE_GAMBLE” state=“CLOSED” action=“GAMBLE” bankedWinnings=“0.00” winnings=“6.00” currentLevel=“0” targetLevel=“1” maxGambleLevel=“5” gambleChance=“51.3,30.27,20.6,15.36,7.47” totalWinnings=“6.00” />

    (Why the GambleChance is sent to the client is still unknown)

    Happy to swap notes or Fiddler debug files. I still play the game but from disassembling this stuff, there are questions as to why they send this stuff down to us.

    Nuff said. I enjoy the game and still win/lose 🙂

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    I play Goonies one time got bonus pay me 7x never play back

    thegiddo WANTED $2

    Nice one to all for replying! i will probably keep me tactics of gambling when get the twitch! Masquerade my knowledge of computers is not good bear in mind late ninties when home pcs were worse than smart phones and internet a fortune for 56k wotsits i said to me pal a proper pc nut who was right into them “cant see these catching on” lol. But i am interested in the concept indeed believe that its all mathmatic and algorithms that determine our results on the games. If you have a minute spare please may you explain a bit more in detail to a Luddite like me as best you can or indeed direct  me to your original thread if poss. Cheers folks

    As always stay safe, stay lucky stay slotting




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