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    Proddylegend WANTED $22

    ”bandit” my goldfish died when I was like 1 year old I’m now 31 you couldn’t get me a £20 spin bonus on golden fish tank to help me get over the past 30 years, thanks just so you are aware I’m not fishing for a donation ? ? I just saw everyone else’s bull shit story’s so thought I’d join the bandwagon !!!! BTW I never had a gold fish

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito



    Obviously i am aware of the slight increase in things like saying “didn’t manage a bonus on this etc” but the other side of that coin is there has been a lot more chat going on too, it has been nice and busy and we are all getting to have a gab about this that and everything so i am looking at it as a positive thing.

    The giveaway, as ever, was quite spontaneous and i thought fuck it, this will make a decent vid and some people will have a smile on their face – I will definitely do similar again in the future but of course, it won’t be anything to do with someone not having had a bonus on something etc and so on, it will be something completely different but the aim of the game is to give back and i kind of want to make sure i am giving back to the people that are supporting me by commenting, posting, chatting and generally being nice on here so it is always likely to be forum based.

    I created this forum and this website at considerable cost so i want it to be used and liked and become a decent community, i feel rewarding the people that spend time round these parts posting and replying is an important part of the whole scene, i’m hopefully showing that you don’t need to be signing up to be involved in some giveaways – they will just come around every now and then so it is beneficial for folk to be here and i really appreciate it.

    Proddylegend WANTED $22

    I think it’s great what you do, giving back to people that get involved after all you don’t have to, Iv been watching your channel since day one, you’ve helped me out loads Iv gone from spunking a shit ton of money a month to watching your videos to help me get my fix now, and save up over £10k for our baby that’s due feb 17th so all I can do is say thank you ??? the mrs wont let me call it bandit jnr ffs

    Ramm WANTED $32

    Keep it spontaneous and you’ll sort the wheat from the chaff.

    It got me posting here more for sure for sure, you may live to regret it though 😛

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