Golden 10, a lot of chinese and a sleeping pitboss

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    Scrooge WANTED $5

    Long time ago, when i was just a little pup, i visited one of our illegal (But condoned) casinos in Amsterdam nearby the party area and found a nice game just like roulette; only with less numbers, A shiny bowl and 1 little tiny ball that went into a lucky number and VOILA you could win moneyyyy.

    So as i said it was quite a hecktic casino with a LOT of chinese people (In a very small hall) gambling like crazy, yelling, putting fiches on the table and drinking and eating.

    It was FUN overthere ! i had the time of my life, gambling some money on multirollers and finally daring to exchange two 100 guilder bills (My winnings) into 1 fiche of 200 guilder, a nice black and blue squared fiche.

    I guessed i would put it on a number, but in the maddness of the table i put it, by accident, on a duo. The game was closed, the guy waving his hands that you cannot bet anymore looked at my fiche and said “its to much…but the table was the pitbuss nodded and said FINE”

    I won…… i had the biggest party since i was born until that day.

    Winning is fun and losing ..well…just forget losing. as long as you don’t put you’re house at stake.


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