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    Lionheart WANTED $2

    Been watching some people play this and also played it a lot myself and there’s something we are all missing.

    The potential of a monster win is there.

    So all the 100x feature buys are usually shite, all bar 1…. the sticky wild. I’d class this as a mixture between the rock and roll spins on spinal tap and gates of hell

    so the buy for me dropped a wild every spin (obv it can miss).   If it fills a full row you get between 1-3 extra spins.


    So so the ideal scenario on this is over 3 bonus symbols to start, and a couple of retriggers. Soon as someone hits this it’s going for a garaunteed over 1000x.

    salmonman12 WANTED $9

    Been playing this slot on free play and it seems you need to hit 4 bonus symbols or more on the trigger to profit. Hit mystery symbols and your pritty much screwed but like you said locking wilds and unlimited multiplier has potential. Hit a £457 bonus on a £20 bonus buy (20p stake for for nearly 2300 x) on unlimited multiplier got 40 spins

    -Dist WANTED $23

    i’ve seen a screenshot of this game hitting like 2500€ win on a 0,60€ bet so yeah, monsters are possible. But monsters are possible in every game. I still feel like this game is absolutely garbage. Nothing like paying 100x stake and it paying less than 1x base bet. I’ve bought two features at 0,20€ so 20€, and both paid exactly the same! .. 0,90€. That’s utter garbage!

    I would rather watch bandit buy Spinal Tap bonuses than this, this game just seems extremely boring.

    neilp1982 WANTED $10

    I seen Fruity Slots (Jamie) put a vid up on YouTube where he bought the bonus on £2 stake, got the wilds and it paid monster, so I’d say that is the feature to try get, but of course no guarantee there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)