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    Now I’m getting mixed opinions on this game, some people seem to get massive wins on it and others like myself get absolutely F*ck all! Just deposited a few quid and decided to buy just a few £10 bonuses, now whether I’m just bein unlucky or not I don’t know but here’s the results as followed


    Bonus 1: £10 buy, winnings = £1.20

    Bonus 2: £10 buy, winnings = £0.84

    Bonus 3: £10 buy, winnings = £0.68

    Bonus 4: £10 buy, winnings = £0.00 yes you read that right, absolutely naff all.


    Might put this onto the ban list.


    Like I say I’m probably just unlucky!


    Hope you all have much more success than me ?

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    El Bandito

    To me on this one, the people that buy the bonus are paying for the people getting big wins off the base game genie lol Seems mad how many big wins are pictured from the base game yet every time the bonus is bought, it’s shocking!


    I can’t seem to get wins off the base either ?? Game might be cursed for me! Although on the old genie jackpots I used to get some decent wins. That other new megaways blueprint is shite for me aswell. Having a break from them for now lol

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)