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    Bamboozler WANTED $23

    I have played quite a lot of slots and watch the majority of the steamers. The urge to play some games is much greater than for others especially when you enjoy them.

    I normally play around 100-200 spins on a game and if i do not get a big win or a bonus i just move on. There are two games that I have tried lots of times without ever getting a bonus. They are Final Countdown and Jammin Jars. Over the last few months I have played at least 100 spins in most sessions on one or the other. I would estimate having had around 3000-3500 spins between them without ever getting a bonus. This is crazy as i’m sure the average duration of a bonus must be only a few hunded spins on average.

    I have never had a back to back bonus on any slot although i have had a few “first press expresses” though.

    Why do the games that torment us and draw us back despite never paying out a bonus. We see the bonuses on stream so it is not curiosity and it is just stupidity and being stubborn. I suspect I’ll keep playing them until the bonus lands, get paid 6x and then question why i ever played it in the first place.

    Does anyone else have tormentor games that never bonus for them?

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