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    Realwhiskers WANTED $23

    Evening all,

    A debate/advice whatever it may be. I don’t want sympathy, just curious.


    So, I’m 23 had a gambling addiction from probably 15-22. Spent thousands, along with getting myself into just under £20,000 worth of debt. I now don’t gamble and have tools in place in case I ever feel the urge, but thankfully I don’t now.

    I work full time and have done for years. Probably now in around £9000 worth of debt so paid a fair bit off. Starting to struggle now though, I’m always working yet never have money because of my past addiction which i do appreciate was my fault, but I never have money to do anything literally. For the last few years my life has been just work and sleep. Starting to get fairly depressed on the matter really, want advise that’s all.


    Hope all are well.

    nickpig30 WANTED $3

    Interesting this post goes without comment on a site of this nature. Unfortunately you are probably not alone, a lot of people won’t want to admit it. Myself, I am 34 and been gambling since before the legal age, Fruit Machines, football bets – now online casinos. I’m only really starting to realise I have a major problem, the slightest thing tilts me and before I know it …. I am actually for the past 6+ months quite considerably up on gambling in the tune of £4k – this could be more (there’s the degenerate in me thinking of what could have been) – my eagerness to get help and stop now is more about what it does to me, and more importantly my fiance and daughter. Hiding things from them, neglecting them – it really isnt the person I want to be. The problem is the amount of casinos opening online, more often than not under the same licence means there is simply more offers and temptation (I like using the bonus as I like the ‘challenge’ of beating the wagering)


    Back to your post, you’re still young enough to put this behind you, believe me, I remember on my 21st before ripping £500 through roulette on the FOBT. The simple fact is we all know you don’t win long term. No matter what anyone says – so the thing thats helping me stop is knowing the fun is short lived… and longer term gain from not gambling is financially, mentally and of course the others you hurt by gambling. Even if not knowing you are doing it, I hurt people through lies, neglect and my mood. Its such a disease.


    I’d hope this thread stays up, the biggest thing for me is talking about it is the biggest thing. I think GA is next though.

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    Hi there this thread will indeed stay up as it’s a real life issue for many people. And well done Realwhiskers for getting yourself on track and working hard to get through it. As for things you can do to help you with the daily cycle of life I’m not sure but I enjoy play on my Xbox to break up the work sleep cycle I also go fishing to relax aswell maybe you could find something like this to do to help you chill out.

    Realwhiskers WANTED $23

    Thanks for the comments guys.


    I agree, its a massive thing. I think my biggest thing is the fact I no longer gamble yet have severe money issues, it’s like my head and life is good now I don’t gamble, yet my mental state is worse for the fact of what it’s done to me.


    I had to take out a payday loan to go out for a family members birthday, because I can never afford to do anything and for once done something and it’s now doubled in size. Very silly of me, it’s gone from £100 to £200 quite swiftly. I work full time yet earn to the T basically what I owe out, so I had no choice.


    Sad times really!

    Hacko1 WANTED $181

    Hi I don’t think you should look at these times as sad but midway through a fight that you clearly have the upper hand in. Dig in hard and keep fighting and look forward to the time when you have paid off these arrears because it will come. The self respect you will gain from completing this mission in your life will be immense.

    One day you will look back at these times and laugh.


    The Bandit WANTED $5,352
    El Bandito

    Hi mate


    Have you considered throwing all of your debt into some sort of plan, it will ruin your credit rating for 6 years but it will definitely reduce the amount you will be paying out each month and even some of the debt may even be written off, it is almost like a voluntary bankruptcy or similar but everything goes into a debt management plan and there is one payment per month at an affordable level, i have definitely heard of people doing that kind of thing, it just might make it that little bit more manageable and leave you with some of your wages at the end of each month!


    I think it may be called an IVA, have a google of it and have a read, dependent on your situation, it could help write off big chunks of money owed.

    Realwhiskers WANTED $23

    I agree Hacko1, cheers for the support mate. Appreciate it. One day hopefully I can look back and laugh, just unfortunately not right now. My life consists of literally working and laying in bed/sleeping. So depressing when I’m so young, but it’s the punishment I have to take for my actions of getting into debt I suppose.


    Alright Bandit! Cheers for the advice mate, I looked into those types of things around a year ago now when I went to Citizens Advice. They did advise I do it, but did warn me about the 6 year credit ruin. The thing that put me off, the adviser did warn me, with society these days it will have a worse impact even after 6 years. Apparently these things get swiped from your credit file, but they’re still there to see. So people will use it against me regardless. I know someone who went into a payment plan, she now struggles to get a mortgage and all sorts. It’s such catch 22, I’ve ruined my life in the teenage/young adult stages, do i carry on doing nothing and being depressed for around 3/4 more years and hope after I will be alright, would prefer that than ruining my future later on in life also.


    I just want to do something further to prevent others going through this. To warn the risks of such young gambling. I’ve lost everything. Friends, distant with family, no money, can’t drive, I own a TV that’s literally all I have to my name. I want to warn others. One person saved from this is at least one person. I’m luckily in one aspect that I have the experience and knowledge to educate.

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Realwhiskers, simply sharing your story here may be enough to save someone else. Gambling addiction needs to be talked about, it’s a serious thing, so respect to you for coming on here and sharing.

    I was in a similar position to you at that age. I entered a debt management plan with StepChange to manage all my debts in one place, and this helped with the stress a lot, as I wasn’t having to deal with multiple creditors constantly. It’s separate to an IVA, I believe less damaging, however I don’t believe debt is written off in the same way.

    Speak to StepChange, explain your situation, they’ll advise you on what path to go on. Everything will be okay eventually, I promise you, just stick with the plan and avoid returning to gambling! After six years everything is wiped, and the closer to that six year period you get, the less relevant it is to creditors anyway.

    Good luck!

    Dailybouls WANTED $2

    Yes, definitely you need to fight with that, so as not to lose everything. My name is Jack and I’m 37 years old. I probably have been playing gambling for a long time. First, for the most part, it was poker, then I slowly went to the casino and sports betting. Now for the most part I’m betting on top bookmakers reviews. And I probably do not have a lot of debts and problems with money, although I am making money for living by myself. I can afford to gamble, because I know when it will need stop, probably. Never once put so much money into it that it wouldn’t  hit me on my pocket. I very often read about how people put everything they have and it seems that I just do not have such a character trait. I don’t know. In any case, I wish good luck to all those who lost a large amount of gambling and sincerely wish you that everything would turn around in your life.

    Nathy L K WANTED $5

    Yep, as biohazard said, speak to stepchange, and be honest with them. They’re a charity organisation so don’t get any payment for what they do, simply just want to help you.

    They’ll work out all of your finances, even to the point of saying you spend £100 per month on going out to socialise. They understand that spending all of your spare money paying debts off is the wrong way to go, because if you can’t at least enjoy yourself a little it’ll put you in a bad frame of mind, an unhappy place, which is the worst place to be for anyone who has or does suffer with any kind of addiction.

    Also, finding some sort of hobby or interest to fill the time. I personally chose to volunteer at a charity and do some exercise. Made a lot of new friends doing it and for the most part took my mind off other things that bothered me or got me down at times.

    Don’t dwell on it too much, you’ve done incredibly so far, paid a huge chunk off in a short amount of time. Get some help with the rest and go easy on yourself! Always people here to talk to or ask for advice if you need it pal.

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