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    kometenk WANTED $4

    As a 20 year old from Norway ive not been gambling for long. About 6 months aprox, and i could already tell it was going to be a future problem if i didnt stop it completely. Even though Norway has alot of gamblers i dont feel like the problem part of us have enough ways to get help. So i had to try gamban.

    Gamban for those who dont know is a software that runs in background of your pc/mac/tablet or phone and blocks your access to all sorts of gambling websites and applications. I got it set up on my Windows 10 desktop, macbook and iphone after a bit of back and forth with support. When you now try to acces any sort of gambling site you will get this popup which also leads you to where you can get help in your country (neat).


    I will now list my pros and cons after about 2 months of use


    Easy to install

    Very good and friendly support


    Doesnt reduce quality when watching videos or playing games etc

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”></span>Makes it Harder (<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>not impossible</span>) to gamble.


    – If tech savy can be very easy to work around

    -Sometimes randomly stops working having you to reinstall (happend to me on my pc but will not happen to most people)



    I found this software to be helpful, but not something that can help me stop alone. As stated above i have been able to work around it and i believe others have too. I will not say how for obvious reasons ;). The software can still be useful for alot of people and has most likely saved me thousands. If you are looking to take a break or stop gambling over all id strongly suggest you to install it, but dont believe its gonna fix your issue alone.



    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Cheers for the review mate, great to know how it goes from someones actual experience, i am sure many people will appreciate reading that.

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