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    Spidermint WANTED $98

    Hi all,
    You may have noticed yesterday we got hit pretty hard my a persistent chinese spam attack.
    Apologies if you are subscribed to any forums and received multiple emails due to this.

    Here at backinamo we have a very relaxed policy of letting anyone join our forums to have their say.
    We impose as few restrictions as we can on who can post and how often.
    This unfortunately leaves us open to abuse and from time to time this can and will happen.

    I have put more technical measures in place to help prevent this sort of unwanted attack however we are determined to not lock the site or forums down any more than they are.

    Obviously if these people continue we will have to put some restrictions in place for new members but I hope it wont come to that.

    Thanks for your patience.
    Have a great Sunday.

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