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    Scatterpain WANTED $8

    Hey all. Wanted to share a quick story.

    Went into a William hill’s last night to place the Irish lottery on for my mum. My mobile was out of battery so jumped in for no longer than 5 mins. In that time, a guy on a FOBT playing roulette lost £1400, in 5 mins max. He kept telling the girl behind the counter to put another £200 in as she had his debit card, 7 transactions by the time i picked numbers and put them on . How the fuck is that allowed? He was clearly in trouble, sweating like fuck. She had zero emotion. I know he is an adult and makes his own choices, but that was crazy. Then it got me thinking, he could lose way more than that online. So, are FOBT really worse than online betting?

    Once these regulations come in, then that will impose things I guess. But was not good to see somone in that state. As I was waking out the door he came flying last me talking to himself like a maniac.

    Sad times man.

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Two key differences: your winnings online aren’t capped at £500 and on slots, the percentages are massively higher (typically 95-98% versus 91%). Also, while you can stake much, much bigger amounts online, for some reason it doesn’t seem to attract problem gamblers in the same way FOBTs do. I think it’s something about the idea of instant cashout in the bookies, walking out with a wad of hard notes.

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $39

    Gambling has always been an issue in the country, as Argyle said above, the prospect of quick cash over the counter seems to have attracted the more desperate in the community and many have horrific stories to tell.

    Over the last 12 months, I have become more of an online gambler than FOBTs – Watching guys hitting big wins on YT started my curiosity and led me to games that I would never have played. I’ve won some big wins in that period and also lost loads. Thing is my net position will be better due to the better RTP and chance of bigger wins. Twice I have skelped Reactoonz for £1200 on an 80p stake, I remember losing £400 in 10 mins playing £50 mega spins on some shit game Hula Hula in Ladbrokes. Those superspins are awful, especially the £50 ones as they lead you to think that you’ll be guaranteed a bonus.

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    £50 for what amounts to probably less than 1/40 chance of winning £500 is just crazy, it shouldn’t even be allowed. Sooner they cap those FOBT stakes the better. I’ve said this before – even £2 is a massive stake online which can easily pay over 10 grand if you get a really lucky hit. Hell, if I’d been playing Venture at £2 last night, my bonus would have gone for around £2100. I’ve won more than £500 off 40p on some games. I’d never touch a FOBT now.

    1pstaker WANTED $25

    It has always intrigued me the type of person who can afford to put literally thousands into these at a time. I can only begin to imagine where they got the money from.

    I dont think people will move from FOBT’s to online. There will be those that do both anyway, and those who play only FOBT’s, as said above, are looking for that quick cash flow. They wont have the patience to sit and wait for it to go in their bank. They will likely just start betting big on horses and dogs. Which really, if that was to happen, would mean the bookies taking pretty much the same money anyway, so the FOBT’s cap wont cost them that much.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    It’s a sad thing to see how the local bookies has turned into sometimes a toxic atmosphere with these machines . It use to be a really good atmosphere watching the horses . Now horse racing just a side line for them not really arsed about it . They be taking all the seating out next just so they can fit another machine in there.

    supaslut WANTED $3

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents as I am a Betting Shop Manager.

    These machines are good and bad, I see both sides.  For some reason since I started watching the Bandit, online slots are way more profitable in the long run due to uncapped bonuses whereas the FOBT are capped at $500 max,  I have tried online slots, been burnt a few times however I definitely prefer them to in shop.

    The guy you are referring to, and I don’t know the shop etc, is probably a ‘regular roulette spinner’ and the cashier is probably well aware that some days on these machines he will win £2-3k playing £100 spins or some days he will lose that easily, as you say he seemed to know the staff member.  Unfortunately that’s the reality, what someone wins one day they will normally be in the next to’have a go’ which leads to some form of loss.

    The machines, unlike what the press would have you believe, are fair.  Some weeks we pay out more than goes in, the problem is that adults can’t control themselves and don’t know when to stop – my philosophy is if you are in for £1k on them you aren’t really going to get close to that back without being extremely lucky.

    £50 slot stakes are stupid!

    They are what they are.  Now with the government taking roulette off of them come October I believe we are going to see more people move to online roulette, we will still have all slot games. On the whole this is way worse than the FOBT, no maximum spin and most importantly when you are having a bad session there is no-one to talk to.  I have had friends who have emptied whole bank accounts because no one gave them a reality check, online operators will never do that, infact when I was having a particulary bad session on roulette, I had a pop-up telling me if I deposited again I would get a bonus!!!

    If you have any questions I will answer them as honestly as I can

    Jamezwww WANTED $11

    What is the most you have seen won/lost on one of these machines?

    I once stood and watched a builder come in with an envelope rammed with £50 notes. He must have gone through about 5k in about an hour. Constant max bets covering most of the numbers and constantly missing. Weird strategy as how can you win that way when you are that deep :/

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