Fat Santa Xmas Knockout

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    Winningbird WANTED $366

    Nice one, let’s hope they’re not all £3.60 bonuses for the winners.. one of the buggers has got to pay

    Xmascarroll70 WANTED $2

    I’m in should be fun no matter wat. Hope you get some good news on the cat soon. Thanks for the videos last week as off with man flu so really cheered me up lol.

    Jayjay230 WANTED $27

    Great competition thanks Bandit and good luck to everyone who’s entered and merry Christmas 🤶


    I don’t play online anymore as was getting out of hand so stopped in January but still love watching your vids.

    Thank you for doing draws like this on the odd occasion as give us who don’t play at a casino a chance of a prize as well 👍🏻

    Keep up the great work mate.

    Stevie25 WANTED $254

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    Thanks Stevie… If I win any money, please give it to a homeless person in your home town. 🙂 And all the pies too, ofc. 😉

    aps31 WANTED $18


    Fat Santa is a good choice, I think Steve needs to put his endurance and sanity to the test though by changing this to a bonanza bonus knock out,  with a bit of luck he will have completed the first round by ooooo let’s 2020.


    And  you all start to flame saying you ungreatfull cunt ITS A JOKE!

    they Satan brings his sack and comes but onece a year so let’s hope it doesn’t get messy.



    LauraBubb WANTED $0

    Brilliant idea, can’t wait to watch it play out!

    WiggyOfStHelens WANTED $78

    Good luck all who enter Fat Santa, Oooooh err missus 🙂

    Caged WANTED $4

    Come on you santa!!!! Lets be aving some juicy hot pie wins!

    Teddymunns WANTED $4

    I’ve never been lucky in your competitions in the 3 years I’ve been a sub but heyhohoho that could change this Christmas.

    ifondle WANTED $2


    borobobi WANTED $2

    great idea steve , hope the cats getting better and hope it aint bringing the family down at christmas time , keep up the great videos mate and good luck for the fture

    Lee glassgow WANTED $1

    Nice 1 cheers come on fat man

    Lee glassgow WANTED $1

    Hope the cats ok mate lost my 1 this year toast the cat proper legend 15 yrs old big loss to the family

    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    Really looking forward to this, missed the registration for the white rabbit World Cup but loved watching the bonuses.

    Chances are extremely slim to be in a group but nevertheless I’m very excited, love watching bonuses regardless!

    Also hope the cats doing well pal, my dog got bit before and I was a mess so can’t imagine how you’re all feeling about it all 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    EDIT: I know it sounds like I’m saying the cat got bit, I was just talking about injuries in general, awful to see.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 243 total)