Fat Santa Xmas Knockout

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    Mossy89 WANTED $7

    Weldone to all the winners 🙂

    Also thank you for all the content you do bandit it gives me something decent to watch when I need to kill time.

    Merry Christmas to the whole community on here and a happy new year 😉

    stuartgreene WANTED $2

    Well done to all the winners and thanks to The Bandit and Push Gaming for their generosity!

    Kmiain WANTED $3

    Loved it all Bandit. Gutted I’ve not been in any of the teams for Rabbit and Santa, would’ve sorted my Christmas out a treat. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 for the next one.

    keep up entertaining me you legend!


    Thejudgeishere WANTED $3

    Well done to all of the winners, great videos mate……I stayed to the end as normal even though I was not lucky enough to be picked this time. Hats off to you for doing another group of selections when you could have kept quiet and not paid it yourself. Have a great Christmas (give Dave a pie and a pint) and I hope 2019 brings a lot more mega wins and RK toppers!…….👍

    Pyrit One WANTED $1

    I was in the Jeason Lee FC 🙁 FeelsBadMan. Thanks for the chance and wish all of you marry xmas!

    GreenGardener WANTED $1

    Loving the Fat Santa vids, although with so many of them was struggling to watch them all. That is until I found in YouTube you can watch at 1.5X speed. The Bandit at 1.5X speed is very funny. Might watch all your vids at this speed. LOL

    benq99 WANTED $164

    great giveaway bandit you are the number one casino streamer,most casino streamers are all take but with you its so much giving back to your followers,not this go here do that and get 5 free spins with 50x wager you just say here have some money free to enter no bullshit.love the knockouts great idea mate have a great xmas and all the best

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $34

    Enjoyed that, well done the Bandit for creating a great giveaway, Push Gaming for matching it for another and to all the winners, well done.

    IllBeBackInAMo WANTED $1

    I was in wonky rangers, Was gutted being knocked out first round, I was speechless when my number came up out of 5000+ people, kinda sucks to not win anything atall would of been great to get a consolation prize for making it through to the comp so we all still feel like winners, but congrats to the winners, Well done!<span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>.</span>

    RyanDarcy WANTED $1

    Absolutely loved it! Brilliant entertainment and most generous from you Stevie to give something back to your supporters! Can I make one little suggestion? Maybe fairer next time you have more than one competition draw that the people picked in the first draw are not qualified for the second so to give those who didn’t qualify for the first a better chance qualifying and a better chance getting picked for the second? Just an idea…. Anyway thank you yet again for a fantastic night’s entertainment mate… A very merry and blessed Christmas to Mrs bandit, yourself and the kids.

    Jokkarn WANTED $4

    Just went to bed and started up the youtube video on my phone. Couldnt belive I was even on a team, and it was so exciting to watch. I thought it was over in the end there, but we somehow managed to win. These videos were breathtaking!

    Merry christmas!

    Jokkarn WANTED $4

    I can’t actually belive i won! Thank you very much, and congrats to everyone else on my team.
    Merry christmas everybody!


    benhurspeedway99 WANTED $3

    The Bandit wrote:

    Ok folks, it is giveaway time….

    The Fat Santa Xmas Knockout is going to be a tournament that will run in the same way as the White Rabbit World Cup did – no casino sign up required to enter, all you have to be is a member of backinamo.com

    Head over to the prize draw section and get yourself entered – when the entry closes there will be a random selection of participants who will then all go in to teams and the first round will kick off!

    I have put the prize as 5 x £5 stake feature buys, that is £400 per bonus so a total of £2,000 – I didn’t want to just do one £2,000 bonus as it could really go tits up and pay fuck all but i am open to your opinions on that so let me know what you think. My thinking is that with 5 feature buys being the prize, hopefully they can’t all be shit! The prize for the winning team will be the total winnings across those 5 buys!

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    Hi Steven, I stuck with the prize draw videos until the very end. I think it was great,fantastic giveaways both by you and the site casino.

    Can’t wait for some more to come along! Have you ever played the OJO slots? I dislike the site,paid into 2 games,however,they did not

    involve me,waited almost 1 hour to speak to someone online,only to be told they had no account details for me! Cost me £275 in total…

    The bastards have still not got back to me! The other bit of good news is,I’ve just turned 65,10/12/53. so retirement,only to find out I don’t get fuck all pension until the end of Feb 2019! What the fuck is this all about!

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas,hope the kids have a great time too…….

    Alexparker89 WANTED $2

    I’m one of the lucky 5 that won the second tournament!! That final had my heart going. Buzzing! Merry Christmas all

    dillliss123 WANTED $1

    Wow that was amazing 😉 I loved everything about it ,, plus I made the draw even better. Keep up the good work bandit I class you the best out off all the streamers 🙌 I have been enrolled in every competition from day one and finally made it in one of them 👌 thanks bandit merry Christmas 🎄 it’s allwayswinng by the way

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