Fat Santa Xmas Knockout

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    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    Yeah I kind of realised halfway through that it’d be easier looking on the page but I’m bored sooooo haha

    mikes9 WANTED $6

    Holy Crap i Won !!! OMG !


    Thank you so much Mr.Bandit !

    Leedslad WANTED $5

    Wow. Round of applause push gaming and an even bigger round of applause to the bandit. I saw my name drawn and was absolute buzzing to have made it to one of the teams. Then I got to the semi final and was cheering Wonky Rangers like it was my beloved Leeds United.

    Thanks so much to all involved. Rubbish day and work and come home to that.


    Merry christmas and Glory glory Wonky Rangers!

    Gambulaah WANTED $10

    Haha that’s hilarious, I am on the extra one and not only that I got picked twice as if it knew it was missing me from the first competition (not really) I am gonna have a sweat now and I am actually feeling nervous which is hilarious. I played for hundred’s of thousands this year at 5-10$ stake and down a shit ton and not a nervous feeling at all, put me in a competition and my stomach is doing corkscrews. I am nervous as fuck

    ragingzeus WANTED $1

    Haha thats my luck get selected for the prize draw then get 0 points haha. Cheers for the chance anyway bandit. Good Luck with the slots and merry xmas.

    michael_hogie WANTED $4

    think I was a winner on the first one?

    Chazwilliams WANTED $1

    Brilliant giveaway Stevie lad


    Was sat with a face like a wet weekend with my kidney stones wanting me to give birth …And then  Fat Santa    thanks for a making nearly piss myself .   Multi pies too.. Steve n Push gaming

    Bandit United Rule!!     who are ya!  who are ya !

    Ian Hughes WANTED $1

    Congratulations to all the winners.  Was hoping to be in the 2nd draw, never mind.  Always next time.  Thank you Steve for the amazing videos and all the great giveaways.

    Also thank you push gaming for their generous offer.

    Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

    Jade broadbent WANTED $1

    Loved them all welldone everyone who was in the final well even in the ladder, will you be doing more like this bandit its good to watch and good to listen to your reaction aha, thanks jade

    stony WANTED $28

    cracking competition, well entertaining, cheers

    endicotton08 WANTED $5

    The Bandit wrote:

    endicotton08 wrote:

    Bandit United odds on to retain if you ask me, only problem is I hear Mourinho’s the favourite to take over as manager this year… #gobanditutd

    Lmao, only today did Spidermint the website guy skype me and say “If The Bandit United win again you’re in trouble!” lol

    Looks like someone’s in trouble then heh

    Gary WANTED $5

    Congrats to the winners, very exciting, have a happy Christmas all

    Dieselman WANTED $0

    That feeling when you’re number 1735 and the number above gets drawn, twice 😂

    Cracking vids though Stevie boy keep it up lad

    Dannie231 WANTED $5

    Woo i was really surprised the bandits got through after winning before, well thank you so much, esecially for me being in the bandit united team and well done to all other winners also good luck to everyone for next time x

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 243 total)