Extra chilli deceiving wheel

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    micekas WANTED $5

    After hundreds of bonus buys on that game ( stake ranging from 0.10 to 1.40 – not in my bankroll to do biger buys ), I came to a funny observation. Not sure if this was discussed previously, but any time you gambe from 12,16,20 spins it shows that you have 6 lucky spots to land and 4 loss spots to land. But after hundreds and I mean HUNDRENDS of wheel spins I never had it land on the “lucky” spot just after the 3 spots in a row. So I declare it a DEAD spot to mess with gamblers brain.

    Not sure if anyone else noticed that – but this game is driving me nuts because of that incorrect/deceiving wheel. Maybe in higher stakes it’s different ?

    I know I should not play the slot then, but when I do play I don’t have much spare time to sit through regular spins in other games. This slot is my cryptonite and I have no idea ( thankfully ) how much i lost on it.


    P.S. After successful session – Can we get some bonus buys in 200-500 pound range going for 24 spins ? ( Set a stop/loss limit of 4 buys please )


    Cheers, and GL you degens 🙂

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