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    Vinny123 WANTED $8

    Been hit by SOW requests (demands) by my only 2 exchanges, probably due to my Razor Returns withdrawal tipping me over the transaction limits.They give options for your occupation,none of which describe the source of my income,and  all options require submission of sensitive documents which is something I vowed never to do again last year and the reason why I quit UK gambling.So really no way to go now,closed my exchange accounts and not inclined to open any new ones.Just like the UK minefield except that BC Game has been as good as gold and given me zero hassle, its the financial institutions instead.

    Can only think that Steve has made a pact with the Devil and sold his soul to allow him to shift the amount of crypto he does without any apparent problems (or not commented on them).I do wonder what docs he has submitted to keep them sweet.

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