End Of Season 2016/17 bet

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    billynewt WANTED $5

    So every year I do an end of season bet and last year was one hell of a rollercoaster but anyway in August I went for it all over again.
    So I sat and concluded City were nailed on under Pep. That’s one down.
    I’m a Wigan fan and 15/2 after us winning it just the season before I knew we had the capability. 2 down
    Had the generics just to add on to get value up in Celtic and PSG. And finally…
    Coventry, now people will never know how close I was to backing them to win it outright but stuck to my guns and went promotion.
    So, City, PSG and Celtic romped the leagues and come Christmas time coventry were a bit off the pace and Wigan were locked in a 3 horse race with Shrewsbury and Blackburn. Wigan nicked a few points and Shrewsbury began to fall off leaving it a 2 horse race, however Wigan had sealed promotion but not the title and went out on the piss with the final game to go. I was dreading it haha. The final day we needed one point away at Doncaster with blackburn leading and us being 0-0 up until 60 or so minutes torture wasn’t the word until who else but Will Grigg stepped up and sealed the title wow we’d won the league.

    Now with 2 games to go coventry were floating on the last play off place and just outside and needed a draw the last game of the season to ensure they were in the play offs, they managed it in the poorest and most coincidental 0-0 (morecambe needed a draw to stay up) you’ll ever see. The league 2 play offs were something i’ve never ever imagined being so enticed by (even supporting wigan) and the first leg coventry went 1-0 down to notts county after Cov hitting the post early on however the ever reliant Marc McNulty scored an 83rd min pen to keep the hope alive (barely). A fortnight previously Coventry got bullied there and lost 2-1 and I though I had no hope but yet I still hoped for the best. An early goal was all I wanted and its exactly what I got in an overhead kick fashion in fact i got 2 however a goal before half time and should’ve been a second meant it was far from over 2-1ht and 3-2 up on agg at ht the second half the third goal went in and god I’ve never been so relieved and excited ( I still owe Maxime Biamou a pint for that) a fourth came and this was it 90 minutes vs Exeter separated me from £1500 off £10. The play off final was the most horrible but unreal day ever the first 45 minutes were the most cageist game I’ve seen it’s like they knew I had the bet on. Then early on in the second half it was in 1-0 Coventry and I leapt up like nothing ever and absolute pearler from the edge of the area from the centre half. With the tales up a second followed and I just thought at least I have the 1 goal cushion but there was just no stopping them/us? I definitely was a Cov fan too by this point. The right back scored the goal of the game left peg top bins 3-0 thank you very much at that point it was done I’d won despite them getting a goal 3-1 it finished and jesus christ I was bouncing off every wall after telling my mates there was no way I was going to the pub to watch it I sat in on my own (sounds rather sad in hindsight) it was more to avoid the mockery if they lost. I had friends dad’s families everything watching it was crazy and an experience I’ll never forget safe to say I’ll always have a soft spot for Coventry too. Marc Mcnulty who fired 25+ goals got his move to Reading in the Champ and with Wigan promoted when he comes to the DW there’s nothing more I’d like to do than thank him for it haha. Being 19 £1500 is a hell of a lot of money for me and wow as i write this the following summer in the Dominican Republic in which it funded what a perfect perfect bet.

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    Congrats on that bet mate Epic Win right there 🙂

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