Does what casino you play at make a difference

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    Caddickc02 WANTED $4

    so guys do you think you have more chance off winning on a popular casino such as casumo as there will be more people playing so more money going threw the slots rather then a less Common casino with fewer people.

    I defiantly think you have more chance off hitting a big win when games are being played by a lot of people like when it is first released but does what casino your playing at make a difference even tho the games and providers are the same ?

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    El Bandito

    The games are based on their own servers, in relation to the provider rather than the casino i believe, say if you loaded Raging Rhino at Casumo, Videoslots and Leo Vegas – you are playing that game all from the central Raging Rhino pot rather than from an individual casino pot.

    Ramm WANTED $32

    Yup the casinos are the same games wearing different hats. Only real reasons to have accounts at multiple places are to play different games and get different bonuses.

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