Does anyone really know how random these slots are are

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    johnbigjohn WANTED $2

    Got a bonus a while ago cant remember the game , but it payed me say £7.80  , it was one of those games that gave you a choice of 4 or 5 different bonuses , as it was paying me my connection was broken. I reebooted it and it took me back to the spin that gave me the bonus. So just out of curiosity i picked a different bonus and it payed me the same £ 7.80 , so all bonuses must be pre determined , so how random really are the spins , are they already programmed say for a million spins and all we are doing when we press is letting them play out as programmed, winds me up man .

    Smoothoperator WANTED $48

    That’s odd that it let you select a different bonus. I think of spinning the slots or bonuses are like buying a scratch card, basically every scratch card has a unique code to verify the win, my mind the slots are the same.

    gusyonok WANTED $1

    All spins and bonuses are predetermined. The teases, near misses and all that, it’s all for show. They know exactly what you are going to win each time. It’s a bit like virtual racing in the bookies. It’s a random number generator and the “race” is just decoration. Same when make “picks” in bonuses and think, oh if only I’d picked bottom left I would have won 1000x. You wouldn’t. What you are going to win has been decided before you “pick”. The apparent free choice is all an illusion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)