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    Stuartr88 WANTED $1

    Hey seen your vid about you wanting 100k subs as your Son would be buzzing if you got the award in going to share your youtube channel like mad and hopfully boost your subds for you 😀

    Jaspersheff WANTED $1

    Love the videos mate especially the reelking vids theres loads of streamers playing all the same other games and you speciality is you different with the reeking gambles

    waynetrunk99 WANTED $8

    Ay up m8 just a question on your video the otherday. Which one did you say was a topic of a good read m8. Just interested cheers pal. ?

    Rbreen91 WANTED $493

    Seedy wrote:

    Quazzi wrote:

    Would love a poker subsection of the forum, I’ve seen a few people mention poker in their posts and think it would be a hive of activity if we had a designated section to talk about it.

    This is something that can be sorted but I’m a lazy fucker so I will get to it eventually lol ?

    You still haven’t done this

    Winningbird WANTED $574

    @seedy I want edit comment option backkkkkkkk ?

    Viking-Frankie WANTED $2

    Why the fuck dont you just spit videos out like hell right now , , when youre ” hot ” as hell . .. P.S I hope you get the 100k sub plade for your son . . .

    Williever66 WANTED $4

    Good site layout Bandit!

    Been watching you’re videos over a year now and 1st thoughts were….he’s crazy!! But I see you have control over you’re play.

    Always wear earphones to view you’re entertaining vids. BUT, I when its a Reelking session and you top out a gamble, I wince at going deaf, when you celebrate….so funny!

    Had a couple of nice results after joining Videoslots, 1st gig wins in a few years….see my intro post if you wanna see the whole story!

    Cheers mate, Steve.

    Soupman WANTED $1

    Yeah looking good…

Viewing 8 posts - 151 through 158 (of 158 total)