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    Mr B WANTED $395

    First of all lemme say i brought this subject up on another forum about 2 years ago and it wasn’t received well.


    Who indeed. You know, to get my bank account, I had to do a DNA test. That is, provide every piece of ID I could muster and I shall say, for good reason. Passport, DL and a bill was requested but since they weren’t in my name, they let it slide since all I had was official mail from the council.

    Of course, this all then transpires into being allowed to have a debit card.

    So why when I withdraw, must I do another DNA test, for every casino I join ? Quote me – “it’s stupid to have to do an ID proof, while using a bank card that required ID proof to obtain and they all do”
    The kicker for me is : Why, if it is that imperative, am I not forced to do it before depositing ? Yea, I know… then they have the money but that for me is not only hypocritical but also [censored] hypocritical.

    I get to the point where I am wondering if I am me.

    I realise that casinos and banks do not work closely together enough and that is maybe why there is some sketchy beliefs of ID proof but really ? What am I missing ? Why don’t I need ID to say, take something back to PC world, because it doesn’t work and they reimburse to my card ? Paypal, etc, all require mountain levels of ID either assumed or factually given.

    FB some years ago, forced me to use my real name on fb. When I complained back to them, that I don’t need to use my real name, I could use my nickname, because “I only add people I actually know and am not chasing the 5,000 friend goal so all of my friends know it’s really me” they demanded to see ID, passport or driving license, or they would close my account. I forget how long they gave me to do so but I honestly uploaded a document which was a jpeg with me typing on it “I have used my debit card to purchase things on FB, you know EXACTLY who I am”.

    They accepted it.

    And if the rant can’t go far enough…. these twats in call centres who need to know everything about you, including what colour your briefs are and how many skidmarks you currently have and THEY don’t (by law) have to even tell you their surname.

    Rant over. I’m going to chill, maybe sleep… who knows. Happy slotting guys, win loads, fcuk em.

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