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    Spin_em_in WANTED $6

    SeiZui wrote:

    Hello everyone.

    @Bandit  Dude, you need some administrator in here if you’re too busy to do it your self.

    I came here to seek for genuine informations about crypto casinos but its fudging hard scrolling through 39 pages full of greetings and bonus buy requests….  just to find that 1 ir 2 posts from somebody who actually has knowledge  and experience and anything to say in crypto casinos subject.

    Im on the page 13 and i just fed up so I decided to type all this.

    Since Bandit initial  post informations were not sufficient enough and few other people added some interesting comments i would be greatful for specific detailed informations to the questions below.

    1. Which exchange/wallet is best. (kraken? i heard coinbase block ppl  that gamble)

    2. What do I need to provide to this casino in the worst case in terms of information? (passport id dont worry about mine isn’t uk one, proof of address  – and if what then as mine is from uk?? selfie?  )

    3. Is playing on this casino only doable on the computer or there is a way (using nord?) to play as well on the android. And if… how?

    4. Does the choosing specific internet browser matters?

    5. What about withdrawal (non affiliate and either signed up to the casino with code or without)

    Since I already saw Bandit withdrawal screenshots <span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>I also would love to see response from someone who isn’t an affiliate there and who did all above and got the payout (or not).</span><span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>I</span>

    <span style=”font-size: 1rem;”> think there was one person stating withdrawal of over 10k in total and max win on to the moon on this casino, but i saw few comments from other person having lost the money when trying to withdraw.</span>

    Please respond and thanks.



    2. They don’t KYC everyone, just some at random or when they feel like it. So you might not have to provide anything to them

    SamGordon4thewin WANTED $1

    Hello Steve

    Could I request Jokers luck by skywind

    It’s not a bonus but game but I’d love to see you tackle this game and see how you get on, beware the red Joker!

    Keep up the good work my man



    Woff WANTED $1

    Hey Bandit, can you give GhostBusters a bash 🙂

    Smoothoperator WANTED $41

    Hi Steve,

    Have you tried the new game DJ PSYCHO from No Limit? It’s gonna be hilarious listening to yourself trying to understand that game!! It’s an odd one, but I have seen max win on it….it took 9mins to complete…

    Good luck 🤞🏻

    Jonnyg WANTED $2

    Can you try rhino respin

    RockyGambler WANTED $1

    So now bcgame is opening in UK licenced by UKGC,  you can find the page just searching bcgame without VPN  and you’ll jump on the UK site where’s they announce that…I’m a bit surprise and wondering what will be the next scenario

    Nomadsteve WANTED $1

    The Bandit wrote:

    Mwright82 wrote:

    Hey Bandit, please can you tell me your secret for no hangovers, how mate how lol, nah Bandit I think you should try and beat the wagering aswel, just go the highest stake they allow you and you never know, ask the casino if bonus buys count towards your wagering also as I know the big streamers online are able to have this option so wagering you have a good chance if you hit a big one, you might aswel use it up it breaks my heart to see it not be attempted lol, great to have you back more frequently, thanks Steve.

    I think it probably comes from practice, conservatively in the last 12 months i’d say i’ve drank 4000 pints at least ha – yeah i know, that is nothing to be proud of!

    The secret is to keep dinking and just stay drunk,

    deathcupcake WANTED $1

    Hey up Steve

    Can I request “the cage” from nolimit

    Cheers pal and good luck 👍

    mishanjka WANTED $4

    Hi Bandit!

    Just an advice:  before playing any Play’N’Go slot  check RTP first.  They reduced it almost everywhere.  On my place it now becomes 91% only, which is pretty sux.

    Also advice on clearing big bonuses(when you already bust it up):

    Try to play big bets on old low volatility netent games (which has max win at 500x). Plus add Great Rhino slot from Pragmatic. (it also has 500x  max win).  When you want to clear bonus the fastest you can,  then open Plinko game,  put there the most low volatility mode(where top win is like 35x) and clear almost any bonus very fast.

    Thanks, for your content!  Hugs!

    Many years fan!

    P.S.  Slot request:  top bonus on Mystic Orbs (from Elk)

    Sajy223 WANTED $1

    Hi Bandit,

    Can I request some of the Red Tiger Megaways games (well of wilds is my personal favourite but most have pretty interesting/high potential bonuses), I do not know for sure they have bonus buys enabled but worth a look imo.


    MassiveHorseNeck WANTED $1

    loving the channel!

    would be nice to see you try bison rising megaways build a bonus!

    you can build your own bonus with max megaways.

    its by far the most entertaining slot out there!

    Quazzi WANTED $138

    I haven’t read through the previous pages of questions/answers, so if my question has been asked tough tits 😉


    You say you play via VPN, which is set to Ireland. Am I right in saying the casino you play on are happy to allow you to play via VPN?

    I only ask because I know UKGC registered casino’s don’t allow the use of VPN’s.

    Thanks for any answers!


    Backforabash WANTED $1

    Love your vids and transparancy.

    Some requests

    New ones

    Big fin bay


    Bison rising build a bonus (max ways and 20 spins no multiplier on 10 p)

    Old ones

    Thunderstruck 2

    Immortal romance


    KateB WANTED $1


    Love your channel I could listen to your voice all day, in fact I do at the moment with all the content!! Please could you play a bit of Hot pepper. Keep up the good work and many thanks for the laughs .

    skynoble WANTED $1

    Any chance of seeing a kingmaker build sometime soon? Do miss that game. Hope you’re OK Steve, you’ve had that cough a bloody long time now x

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