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    Scousepower WANTED $1

    Just a quick one mate, but would it possible to give a tutorial for the bitcoin idiots like myself, on how to create an account and be able to deposit. I have watched a few vids but am not really confident with all the, get this wallet, then get this crypto provider, then get a code. Plus, there are bad places, good places, fees, no fees, then fees for fucking this and that hahaha. Be great if you could maybe do a few minute vid on just how to do it safely so brain dead crytpo idiots like myself would be able to it.

    thanks in advance if you can


    Slot WANTED $40

    If you are not sure, find a casino where you want to make a deposit, check what a is min deposit, and try on min deposit, The best and easiest way to make a deposit is Skrill

    here check the video

    Eightblack WANTED $446

    It’s pretty easy man.

    Download trust wallet, click buy and choose moonpay (usually the cheapest) then wait for your bitcoin to arrive

    Download secure free VPN, connect and chose a European location.

    Open the casino, copy the bitcoin address in the deposit page and paste it into the recipient box on trust wallet. Enter how much you want to deposit


    Wait for it to confirm and play the slots!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)