Crime of the (not century) minute

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    Mr B WANTED $395

    Forgotten about it but today I got a £6.26 bonus refill for egyptian fortunes and 50 spins on hansel and gretel. Did the latter first and of course went back to EF as the bonus funds have to be played on that with £125 wagering so not much chance. So it takes the winnings from the 50fs on H&G and then moves to the bonus funds when I get the feature twice in a row, paying £9 and £10.

    Nothing major but it gives “energy spins” and gave a £3 win on the last spin, leaving no funds to play the energy spins that you have to pay for.

    So now I have to add real cash to add to an at least part bonus funded win if it goes on to pay from the energy spins. Will it then take real cash if any is made before taking the £3 bonus funds as credits and omfg I am so lost my head hurts.


    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Lol tough one – I would imagine it would have to let you have the money as real funds but when they notice that they may well exclude the game from play whilst you have any sort of bonus active – what did you think of the game? It is Mecca/Grosvenor’s exclusive Pragmatic effort isn’t it, i think it only released the other day, any good?

    Mr B WANTED $395

    “mecca originals” it’s listed as and yea a pragmatic, seemed good to me, certainly enjoyed playing it.

    The thing I don’t get, it needed funds so I deposited a few quid and it then proceeded to do 4 spins, didnt take any credit and paid another quid or so and that went into real cash even though it was from bonus funded spins. Strange, so I played it out and won a dutiful rip lol

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Hm weird one this. When I played this earlier, the energy spins didn’t take any credit from the balance, they were essentially free spins for me. Odd.

    Mr B WANTED $395

    Yea bio, it didn’t take anything creditwise for the spins so it must be some sort of glitch however the winnings paid into the real cash which was also weird.

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