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    braedan WANTED $1

    Hello all, I’m from Australia. Been watching you bandit in the shadows since you basically began streaming, huge fan and you’re just overall a great honest guy which is a rarity in the streaming world.

    I’ve had a crazy few months online, sadly not all of the best luck / and then the luck was great but stupid me reversed a lot of money, to be correct around $28,000. We can’t play the same games that everyone else can from Australia so it limits us, there’s some good ones though!

    It all started with $2.00 bets on a game called Jumbo Stampede (similar to raging rhino). Got it up to around $1,200 from a $150 deposit back a few months. Grinded it for days on end when I wasn’t working, then played blackjack, always loved a game of blackjack and always play the perfect pairs one. (21+3). Anyways, got that up to around $32,000… Lol, I wish I could make this stuff up but sadly it wasn’t all good news. I lost all of that as I reversed and just kept playing blackjack wanting to hit the ‘bigger money’. I’m not wealthy whatsoever, I work a 95 hour week as a part restaurant owner and just grind 24/7 to make money. So yes, it would’ve helped (I did escape with around $9,000 that was withdrawn and ‘locked’ but no Australian casinos that I can see lock a withdrawl).

    Didn’t play for a few months and then today I decided to have a play around with a few hundred dollars, and before I knew it.. bam, the blackjack rtp perhaps? gave a little back.. $9,000 to be exact, this time my partner will make sure I don’t touch the damn thing, buying myself a new motorbike which I’m bloody excited for!

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