BTG – are they getting worse?

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    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Just want to hear other people’s recent experiences with BTG (White Rabbit, DHV, Extra Chili and Bonanza).

    For me, it’s like they’ve been consistently getting worse the last few months. The other night I had:

    2 Bonanza bonuses both less than 5x in 12 spins. Out of about a dozen bonuses I’ve had in the last month, some of which have taken over 500 spins to drop, only one has been any good and that was the one which triggered with a +5, still only 100x. I regularly used to get 100x out of just 12 spins on this game, if I got a +5 it would be more like 300-500x with the multiplier at like x25 by the end. Now on 12 spins, usually 8 of them will be burns that don’t bring in a win at all. And it never seems to retrigger any more.

    DHV – chose Gates of Hell, got Jacks as my symbol. One showed up on the very last spin, bonus paid 0.2x if you exclude the 6x trigger. Six bonuses in the last month, four Gates, two High Voltage. Only one paid at least 50x.

    White Rabbit – thought my luck was in when I actually got a retrigger (which seems to only happen about 1 in 50 features) with 8 spins still to go. Gave me 4 extra spins, bonus total was still only around 50x (100x buy in). Also that feature never shows up organically for me now, even if I give it a run of 300 spins. It’s like you can only get it by buying it.

    Extra Chili – that game can fuck right off. No way is the wheel for 12 to 16 spins a true odds gamble, it loses 4 out of 5 times.

    Just me, or are other people getting similar experiences?

    neilp1982 WANTED $10

    Bonanza has never played well for me at all, never had a bonus on it, DHV has been generous to me in the past, I won’t touch White Rabbit or Chilli with a barge pole, I’ve never been a fan of buying the bonus.


    But in response to your original question, ever since SG got onto the scene, they seem to be pretty damn terrible.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Same for me tbh, Bonanza has never played well for me, i had a hit of diamonds across one time on £2 stake for around £1350 i think it was but other than that, it has been pretty bad. DHV was great to start but i struggle to get a decent bonus on it now.


    White Rabbit is pretty much never a win when i buy a bonus on it and Extra Chilli is the most dangerous thing on the planet, once i start it is quite difficult to admit the inevitable defeat – i just can’t see the gambles are true odds just going on how many times they lose.


    I do really like all the games though, well designed graphically and of course chocked full of potential – you just have to hit the buggers!

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    What I don’t understand with Bonanza is why the bonus is so rare when 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t even pay as well as a half decent base game spin. I get that the base is very low variance, it’s quite common for me for a run of 100 spins to only cost about 10-20x in total and sometimes I’ll even be up on a run of 100 without hitting the bonus, just because wins of a few X here and there are almost every other spin. But when it’s normal for it take anywhere from 250 – 1000 spins to drop the bonus, you expect it to have a decent chance of paying. And I swear it used to – this is what I find with BTG,when their games first come out there’s this little period for a month or so where they seem to pay out crazy money, then once everyone’s chucking money in to them thinking they’re awesome games, the bonuses suddenly become way less frequent and their average pay plummets. I’ve seen it happen with all four of the games I listed – I mean High Voltage, now it’s like a surprisingly good bonus if you get 50x. When it first came out, I was getting features in the 200-1000x range every other day.

    nickuk911 WANTED $18

    I play Bonanza an awful lot too and started making a note of the bonus reasults and i can say over the last 60 bonuses only 2 have passed the 100x mark, every losing session i have is always down to Bonanza, Danger on the other hand is the slot that saves the day mostly. I did once hit a 3800x bonus on bonanza but i can agree that the bonus does seem to pay less than you woud expect for the most part considering how difficult it normally is to get.

    slunky WANTED $0

    I’m sure heard you say that you signed up to gamban? How can you play these games nick?

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