Big win But no pay out

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    Andy999 WANTED $1

    Hi everyone I had a big win on Mr green casino … first time playing on there site

    hit a few small wins up the stakes and hit big on jami jars 123.000. £


    now 9 days after my withdrawal is still pending and I can’t get a reply from them

    just e mails telling me to wait

    any one has any advice for me ?
    can provide photos and emails


    Smoothoperator WANTED $34

    Hi Andy,

    did you mean £123000 grand??

    I recently started playing at Mr Green, did my 1st withdrawal yesterday for £500, it was in my bank account 5 mins later, no credentials submitted….good luck buddy, please keep us updated..

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    on feb I had roulette win on mr green for £72k they pay me 3-4 times got like 2 weeks to wait for first pay out,they wait till provider pay mr green so they can pay me…123k nice win good luck hop you get pay

    Gaz237 WANTED $1

    The casino pays out, not the provider, unless it’s a jackpot win.

    Mt Green will be waiting for the provider to confirm the win, which can take a couple of weeks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)