Big problems with videoslots :(

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    warlord362 WANTED $2

    Anyone had similar problems with videoslots?

    I went to change my address as i recently moved and it suspended my acount. iv then emailed support and had correspondence over atleast 20 emails trying to get it up and running. first they asked for the usual stuff, proof of address and Identification which i give them, then they ask for pictures of every card I had previously used on my account, so I sent pictures of my most recent card (i only have 1 bank account but i keep losing cards so have alot of cancled cards). When I explained that the other cards are all cancled or expired they said i still need to prove that these old cards belonged to me and wanted me to get in touch with the bank and ask them to send me all details for the last 4 bank cards, numbers and details on both when I reported card lost and when the card was closed. which I have tried to get and the bank will not give me.

    Spoke to customer support and they will not help me because i cant get this information from the bank.

    so now my videoslots acount has been closed and i have no way on reopening the account, or even opening another account. so thats my videoslots days over :(.

    and the worst thing was that i was playing wild swarm waiting for the swarm mode to trigger, i was playing a much higher bet than i usually do because iv had alot of bees without it activating so kept raising to eventually get bonus and get some money back iv put into it. so now im well over 1k down (maybe 2k), and have no chance to regain any of that investement .

    Not money i would normally consider affordable to lose in most circumstances, but i figure i could keep going with wild swarm and if i keep raising the bet tactically then eventually il hit it and recover some or all of it.

    And now iv been robbed of that chance. (some part of me is happy because i dont know how much i would have put into it, but i definitely couldnt stop until i got it)

    Feel like iv been fisted off Videoslots.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    There sort off fisting themselves really.

    Srhuu310 WANTED $2

    Are each of these cards with the same bank account? Surely they would have only 1 account number and sort code on account and a recent bank statement would prove the account number and sort code belong to you .

    But yes if I was you I would take this definitely more as a positive that you can’t get anymore deposits into this site as gamblers we wouldn’t of stopped until the swarm came in and then what if it only gave less than 50x.It would take some strength not to chase another Swarm!.

    Videoslots is a good site to play at.Were you up overall?

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    If you have access to statements online Warlord, you can send them proof of a transaction that came from those cards they are asking about, that is the only way i was able to verify one of the cards i had on my account and yes, it was an absolute pain in the fucking arse!

    EnglishGuy WANTED $99

    These casinos are getting ridiculous with their demands imho.



    Gavster1989 WANTED $22

    I had the same issue however halifax game me a simple coppy showing all my expired cards. they weren’t happy about giving me it but there shouldn’t be a problem. just tell the back the casino is withholding your cash funds until you get a copy of your expired cards. it doesn’t have to have your name address ECT just a date.

    warlord362 WANTED $2

    yeah all the cards were from the same bank account so have the same sort code and account number. i tried explaining this and they didnt want to know. i will try getting bank statements to prove previous deposits using old cards but havent got the dates (some of them were months ago and atleast 1 was over a year ago). but maybe videoslots can supply those dates.

    hopefully i havent spoilt myself as being treat the way i was and not getting any help from them i kinda told them to go screw themselves. last i checked i was down about 2k, probs now about 4k. Didnt have many withdrawls from videoslots because even when i was up, theres loads of games i wanted to play and so kept playing haha.

    ligarr WANTED $82

    Jokers…had a friend who joined and deposited £200,he lost that and deposited another £200..ended up winning about 1k(£600 profit),anyway it came to them asking him for ID,which is nothong new at any casino,he sent everything they asked for,they asked for more so he sent that too,then eventually he got an email saying couldnt verify your account we are keeping all deposits+winnings,wouldnt give any reason or anything just kept saying failed verification and if you want to go further you must contact IBAS…anyway 10months later he got his deposits + winnings,No reason was ever given why they did not just pay out straight away and Videoslots did not even try to put a case forward to IBAS,they just accepted IBAS saying you must pay and did so…basically they stole his money for 10months,i personally dont play with them anymore because of that.

    Will say though a few years back when i had problem with a new card,they just accepted that i didnt own the old card anymore and paid me…maybe things have changed since then,well obviously have as see many here having problems.

    Jayjay230 WANTED $32

    Pop over to casinomeister there rep on there is very helpful I’m sure they would look at ur account for you I had the same. Problem but sorted it on casinomeister with help from there active rep

    Jayjay230 WANTED $32

    Is there a Sunday slot video today Mr Bandit by any chance 🙂

    warlord362 WANTED $2

    Just a quick update,

    Thanks for the advice regarding my account but iv spoke to customer service and my account was fully closed (problems due to my sort tempter and telling them to go screw themselves). so even if i got the account re-opened and verified, my progress in the wild swarm would be gone anyways. shame, but perhaps a blessing, we’ll never know :(.

    shame aswel as videoslots and redbet are the only sites i was available to take part in bandits draws. the others i already had those sites for years before knowing the bandit. (and the energycasino tournaments ofcourse)


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