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    Instant_Bin WANTED $1

    Unlucky on the big loss Steve but as you said it was always coming and although a massive loss by any standard was relatively small compared to the overall winnings on the streak.

    Just wanted to comment, you say you have put it to bed now and will come down in stakes, hope this is the case, just feel you may be tempted back as you are still way ahead.

    My advice would be if you are currently 175k up get the house bought ASAP, once that money is gone on the house it will be much more likely to reset things mentally compared to sitting in the bank where it’s easily deposited to casumo etc.

    Up to you obviously, but would hate to see that whole balance tilted off over the next few months, I know you probably won’t anyway but once the house is bought you definitely won’t if you see what I mean.

    Good luck and looking forward to some sensible stakes from now on!

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