Betfred question – reserved machine

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    igc-rm WANTED $21

    Go in any arcade and you will most likely see reserved machine cards on the odd machine. You may well have used one (with permission of course) while you go to the shop or get some money, use the bathroom, get a quick snack or coffee.

    Have you ever been told “no, we can’t reserve a machine here” that’s what a betfred store manager told me today. I had to take the risk of someone else taking the machine but no one did. They all knew I was coming back and only to be 5 minutes away. £40 more in and I cashed out £200. So while I could have chasing my tail, it’s a good job I did and  no one sharked me.

    I find it utterly ridiculous that an establishment allows people to linger and watch but actively refuses  shark protection. So, if I am suddenly bursting for a pee, I must cash out to use the toilet.

    I really am not use to this crap in all the years I have been playing. Sharks have been hurt before, that’s why the reserve cards are there. Or should be.

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