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    GameRoom WANTED $14

    this is my latest win 2 very big wins for me, I play Monday after midnight I win on Pyramide about 1400quit on 1quit bets and on Thursday after midnight rais it up on 2quit on a new game Ice Wolf I got 57x and i did not take me long to get it I spend like 50quit and got my biggest win ever , November start well for me, I don’t play much on games everyone plays yes they give u sometimes big win but same time they drain u balance, I try to keep the limits I spend, All time I start 100 max 200 deposit and try to rais upstart 0.50 bets if i win i raise it up to 1 if I lose i stop playing till next week since i can’t afford to lose more then 100 max 200 Good luck

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)