Best and worst features?

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    argyl53 WANTED $419

    What are yours? Other day on Bonanza for example I got 500x off a regular 12 spin feature. Today it dropped in a trigger with +5 for 17 spins, multiplier got up to x4 off the first spin, then 15 of the remaining 16 spins proceeded to pay nothing….total win 8x.

    I’ve had around 1200x off Captain Venture when it went for nearly 200 spins in the feature, but I’ve also had one which gave me 10 spins and didn’t pay anything on a single one, so all I got was the 2x for the trigger.

    Secret of the Stones – best win around 500x off 3 scatters, yet only 130x the one time I landed 5 scatters.

    Tell us about your highs and lows 🙂

    ligarr WANTED $82

    Extra chilli best was £1.60 stake(£80 buy in) 3300x from 20 spins

    Extra chilli worst £2 stake(£100 buy in) £3.60 from 24 spins!!!

    benq99 WANTED $229

    best for me is high roller .i went on there on 29th to deposit and have a bash when it stated Top up
    302-Oct-2018 – 09:44

    £1,000.00 .i thought what the fuck i have 1k in there and i dont know why .in total last 2 mth of joining  i deposited total of £66 and then i have 1k .ok i sat and thought what to do and where and why 1 k in account sod it i will see if i can withdraw the 1k went ok 2 days later its in my bank happy days .must be a big cock up on there part but in my bank now and it aint going back lol

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $39

    Reactoonz for me is the best feature

    I’ve won
    £800 – 60p stake

    £400 – 60p stake

    £1300 – 80p stake

    £1200 – 80p stake

    All recent wins as well, I’m convinced that those are the optimum stakes as well for that game.

    I’ve had way too many horrendous features at loads of games to re-count and would probably be too wounding to try!

    If I could be given a ‘free feature’ it would most probably be 24 spins at Chilli or 18 spins at Genie with the wild genie feature


    The Bandit WANTED $5,362
    El Bandito

    I actually played Danger High Voltage on £40 for a prolonged period recently, myself and Seedy were having a few rums and i kicked off a Reel King sesh and halfway through, broke away to DHV through sheer boredom lol for some max stake bonus attempts….i got 4 bonuses on £40 stake…. £260, £280, £600 and £1,000. 2 Skulls and a Bell and a High Voltage that gave no wins!

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Ahh I had a High Voltage feature that paid nothing too; didn’t bring in the multiplying wild reel on a single spin. I don’t even mean it came in but didn’t connect with anything, it literally didn’t show up on the reels in the entire 15 spins! Worst Gates of Hell was when it gave me Jacks and brought in one on the very last spin, I think that bonus paid 0.2x excluding the 6x trigger.

    blacko1974 WANTED $248

    Reel Steal must be one of the biggest bags of shite bonus features, I’ve watched all the streamers play that one and it invariably returns fuck all, 7 Sins is another one for the scrap heap.

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