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    I recently signed up to BCgame cause I wanted to try the new casino the bandit is playing.
    Here is my experience so far.

    Please only read this as my personal experience!
    I do not advertice nor tell you to not play at BCgame.

    I would love to read about your guys experiences ( especially with the reward program ) at BC.Game!

    So within one week I =>
    Deposited $6.115
    Withdrew $2.577
    I wagered $ 34.012.27

    And all the rewards and bonus together came out at:
    Total Bonus Claimed
    $ 89.56

    I honestly have to say… this is horrible!

    $34k wager on ~3% house edge => $1020. So I got less then %10 Rakeback.
    Which is the base offer in other casinos, where you get a lot on top.

    In the Bandits videos the rewards looked decent, but I guess this is also due to my playstyle which is not very wager heavy.
    If you look at my “stats”, loosing %10 of what you wagered is quite a lot.
    So I was even more disapointed that they do not have any offers for players like me, such as an personalyzed lossback bonus.

    To this I want to add.
    You need to reach VIP Level 22 ( 49k Wager ) in order to unlock Weekly / Monthly Bonus and Cashback.
    These boni look at you last 7 / 30 / 7 days of wager…. meaning if you do not reach level 22 within the first 7 days of starting to play on the website, you loose out on quite a bit of rewards.
    I personally think that this reward design is brutal and you should know about it before playing.

    And I wan’t even get started at unlocking the Deposite bonus money…… Wager $500 to unlock $1. Madness

    Finally I wanna say I have no problem with the bandit playing there, but I think it is important to highlight the actually rewards of the Casino.
    They advertice a great rewarding program but in my experience it has been medium at best.

    Otherwise I liked the casino!
    Lots of housegames and slots.
    Design is good and support is okay ( quite fast ).
    I only tried it cause of bandit and wan’t be staying tho :/

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