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    Steve, if you are reading this, I don’t post a lot on this forum and love your content, BUT.

    Your cough needs to be looked at by a quack mate, I had COVID twice last year and the residual underlying symptom was the persistent cough, it ended up in a chest infection that needed anti biotics. Sorted me out in less than 3 days after coughing my guts up for a month.

    Not saying you are necessarily the same but any cough that’s been going this long needs looking at. We need a healthy bandit to carry on this marathon of content!

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    I’ve had exactly the same thing, constant cough for more than 3 weeks, I didn’t feel ill or anything just an irritating cough. It took a good 4-5 weeks for the cough to dissipate.

    With the news reporting this new ‘variant’ of covid, I thought it could be that. I tested multiple times though without a positive result.

    I feel for you Steve, it was a right pain in the ass. I can’t imagine what it’s like trying to record a video with such a cough!

    P.s I like a drink too, I stopped drinking for a few days and noticed my cough died down a bit. Alcohol lowers the immune system.

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    I told him this. I had the same. Was a long lasting chest infection. Anti-bios solved it fast.

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    Doctors don’t like giving out anti biotics so if you are given then, you must need them. When on antibiotics you should refrain from being around people too. Your immune system is weakened by them.

    Anyway Bandit, go check the dox. If you are gonna die I would much rather it be you being hit by a blimp than a chest infection.

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