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    -Dist WANTED $23

    This game came out yesterday I think…i happened to be online on a casino when it was released so I started playing and again… Call it a tinfoil hat theory or whatever but new games do seem to pay out more, and give more bonuses too.

    The game went absolutely mental! The game is super silly too, and you’d think a game with a theme like this would be shite but couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I had seven bonuses on it I think, and all but one paid over 100x, one over 200x.

    Seems to have good potential too though max win is “only” 2500xbet. In bonus you accumulate multipliers that are then added up for the last spin that is a guaranteed win. Max multiplier is 25x.

    Anyone else play this? Kindly would request Bandit to give this a shot as well, preferably couple bonuses at least..

    Which brings me to another topic…Vikings slot. Could you give this another try? You binned it after one bad bonus but considering the game has extremely high volatility and many novos you play also do zero bonuses but you still play those so don’t think it’s fair to judge Vikings then.

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    Hey, @-Dist i am with you on this it is a long-standing thought and although there is no proof generally people think when a new slot is released there is a honeymoon period where it seems to either bonus lots or pays well in the base than all of a sudden its the hardest thing in the world to trigger lol 🙂

    Norris WANTED $8

    I played on it for a bit, came out even. I do like the game even though I didnt see a bonus!

    Quazzi WANTED $138

    It does seem to feel like new slots let you win so that they suck you in and then just drain it all back off you.

    Also, anyone noticed that you seem to get lucky wins upon registering to a new casino, again asif to suck you in to keep playing.

    Winningbird WANTED $574

    True sometimes, but I signed up to a new casino last night and gone through £120 already without a bonus or win over £2 haha

    The Bandit WANTED $5,354
    El Bandito

    Just had a go of this with my VS weekend booster and it seemed a good amount of fun, i got 2 bonuses within about 50 spins, one was a bit crap but then the next one went for £160 ish with an encore spin of x13 giving a line of the blue guy 😀

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    The honeymoon thing is bullshit. You just gamble.more on a deposit bonus thats better.

    As for the game… It’s fun. No longevity though.


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