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    russcawley WANTED $10

    The Bandit has tweeted he’s already bored of the bonus hunts and stated back to the drawing board.


    Surely his loyal fans could say what style of vids they have loved most or maybe even have some ideas he can run with. Not saying he will do any of them but if he picks up a few things or steals an original idea it would be good for all of us.

    For me I would suggest

    Previous vids I like

    1. Any style of video where you actually enjoy yourself but still have the chance to tilt (I’m going to stick to £2 max today….  £8 spins as bonus is due and I’m in for 3k)

    2 Avoid real mega high stakes as the swings could effect “real life” away from all of this

    3. I used to really enjoy the old Wild Swarm build a bonus type slots.

    4. Single slot series was good and plenty more of them could be used

    5. Sweary vids. doesn’t feel right your current toned down content. Hopefully this is just because of the boring bonus hunt format not because you’ve lost your edge.



    Go back to one vid a week on a Sunday. Could be filmed all week the previous week and I always enjoyed seeing some of your sports bets. Could Even start each video with a few of your bets (tips for Sunday games if you put it up Sunday morning??)

    Competition- cash is great but every man and has dog offers cash prizes, what about gambling trip style prizes? Couple of nights in Blackpool with £x to play blackjack in the G and £x for ale. Think that would appeal to a lot of the followers. Wonder prize of a short break to Vegas which you can pick up for less than the price of some of your previous comps. All competitions should be for “paying/playing” members (which means I couldn’t join in as I’m gamstopped). If you did something like this pretty sure one of casinos would chuck in.

    Win a piece of the bandit. Winner of one of your draws gets small % of winnings on a session. Obviously maybe include a booby prize in case you do your nads on that session. In the early 2000s did something similar on a vegas trip for betfair and they had hundreds of players every night paying into qualifiers to win 10% of all my wsop cashes, worked out really well for the winner of the comp when I had a blank series 🙁 … following year about 20 pros did similar offers with their sponsors.

    Sponsorship offer. draw for someone to come and “play” for you. Play on one of your accounts with your dough/ split any winnings. If you really wanted to push it you could have them in the office and make a video of it with you just commentating and taking the piss of them.


    Sure others will have many ideas and if you can pick up anything you fancy then its good for us as we get a bandit back who is enjoying it again

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