Avoid Virgin Games as they do not fulfill triggered bonuses!

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    Hi all. First post on here, so I’m sorry to bother you all with a whinge thread haha.


    Anyway, I’ve been a long time user of virgin games, maybe 2/3 years, never had any problems until now!!

    As you can see, I triggered the bonus but it never triggered, I screenshot my reels, emailed them, they replied said they don’t know why it’s happened and they’ll look into it and reimburse.

    Anyway, a few days passed and I hadn’t heard anything, so I followed up my query to see what had happened, and they told me this:



    Basically telling me it shouldn’t have happened, the rest of the email said that because I was playing over WiFi, my internet didn’t send me the correct signal and displayed a bonus instead of a ‘£0’ win.

    Ive never experienced anything of this sort in all my years of slotting and promptly closed my account, so just a warning to avoid Virgin games as they dish out bonuses, blame your internet and don’t fulfill them!!


    Cheers all!

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    Yeah I’ve had this with them it’s just a graffics error basically like. Donuts from btg had nowt they can do unfortunately.

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