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    eddychillin WANTED $13

    It’s started…. Auto play has been taken off danger on bet Victor…. Dam the gambling commission

    Jamesr83 WANTED $18

    Sad that the pure joy one feels when coming back from the bog to see a bonus has landed will soon be a thing of the past, evil bastards.

    Geordiemark42 WANTED $66

    Yeah I found out today on lil devil but also my 30 hearts had gone? Was not happy.

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    ye lot of slots start removing auto spin, I use this auto click 6month now when I play doa2 I just set on 500spin on 9p let run, this guy post on youtube who to use it

    Setting GS Auto Click 1, click on Options 2. clicking repeat (set 1 to 1000 spin up to you, then set 2.5 second click per spin) 3.option recording then multiple clicks( setup ; press clear then click on clickpoin , click on spin press ok 4 press you space bare and auto click will start ( if you need to stop auto click press space bare again ) Good Luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)