After a break we played slots again

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    aaronoafc WANTED $20

    So as the title states me and the misses have had a 6 month break from online slots.


    Just after new year we started to play again and have played a few times since, we don’t play large stakes normally 40-60p we play for something to do as we both enjoy it (or we used too) and we don’t drink or anything so it’s abit of down time for us when kids in bed.


    Were not reckless with it and only spend money we can afford to lose but honestly what’s gone on in the last 6 months or so with these games. Previously we would deposit 200-300 and it could last us antwhere between a few days and a week but since we played again its become apprant just how downhill they have gone. The money is draining at lightening speed, sometimes going way over £100 on 40p without a single bonus on what I’d consider less volitile games for example big bass, it’s not even so much the not bonusing that’s the issue the base games have been shocking too.


    We got a decent hit on £1 on diamond mine (raised for last £20)and a massive hit of 160 in the base from Ted on 40p but other than that it’s been dreadful and the deposit going in a couple of hours even on 40p.

    <span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>Whtever has changed has put us both off it to be honest which is a shame as we do enjoy it. </span>

    The devil WANTED $76

    I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said something has changed over the last year for me, nevermind rtp and random generators and all this shit, I can’t get games to pay anymore I’ve been landing bonuses but nothing the odd 100x but 10x,20x and 30x is all I get, never used to happen can’t put my finger on it but somethings not quite right whenever I’ve won money recently it’s been on live blackjack I just can’t get anything to pay, I put £30 into honey rush the other day on 20p and I didn’t even get to 40 on the meter I mean if it doesn’t go all the way then fair enough but not even getting to 40 is embarrassing

    towels WANTED $3

    These days I play similar to you guys in that I’m just trying to budget manage and play for fun when the kids are asleep and honestly what I’ve found more fun is starting way lower deposit and moving through the stakes on those ‘lucky nights’ rather than doing 60p consistently.

    So I tend to stick a £50 on and we just play 20p if it goes super well early we move up to 40p, 60p etc on games we enjoy if it goes bad we just stick to 20p and you know sometimes that last £10 you hit a 20p 100x that gets you another few hours play. The days it goes wild and you go up the stakes sometimes you cash out £400.

    In the end we all end up at RTP but I find it more fun to start low and the big wins come from ‘nothing’ than to put £250 in like you guys and sometimes have it just vanish in an hour which it totally can on 60p/80p/£1 stakes – it’s only a few hundred spins if the base goes dead at those stakes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)