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    Evening all,

    i signed up to gamstop when it first came out, not necessarily because i was a problem gambler, more so because of other life events that i needed to focus my funds on and therefore the temptation to do the odd 50 quid here or there was completely removed.

    anyway, several months later, circumstances were changed and i came across a website ( that was not part of the gamstop initiative. i registered, had a play over the last two weeks or so over 5/6 sessions. had my account fully verified, deposited on 4 occasions for small amounts and had a successful withdrawal on two occasions.

    anyway, yesterday (11/12) i deposited £100 and processed a withdrawal of £300, i logged in today (12/12) to find that my account had been locked, an email or two later and it turns out that, as of today, 12/12, matchbook is now part of the Gamstop initiative. i haven’t got a problem with that, but as far as the cash is concerned, I’m worried they are going to hold it until my Gamstop period is over (around 6 months time)

    has anyone had any experience of this, and would anyone be able to advise me of the rights that i have in terms of getting the money back..

    =thanks in advance

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    El Bandito

    It’s potentially likely that they will refund your deposit tbh mate – they will argue that you had signed to Gamstop and shouldn’t have joined but then i suppose it totally depends on when that site became part of the Gamstop database, if it was by chance, the very day after your win, then they will have to honour your withdrawal. I’m not sure how you would find out that information though

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    I mean technically they should honour the withdrawal as it was made before they were a part of the gamstop initiative.

    I hate casinos now like, falling out of love with gambling now haha

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    I’ve had something similar happen to me and the way I got around it was to call them up and close the account, upon doing that they have to refund any money that is in the account which I was still able to do under gamstop, hope this helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)