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    Mr B WANTED $395

    Well, as a long time player in Quicksilver, Shipleys and so on, I find it a little off putting to use Admiral Online Casino because, well for one, their bonuses are hmm, what’s the word… shite

    Before I went and joined, I did some review checking and saw a lot of people think the same. I think I remember Bandit saying something about it on a video too.

    I haven’t delved into their bonus structure too much but I did find it bemusing that they send you a whopping 40 spins for FREE !!!!!!!!!!! (sarcastic exclamations) that you cannot then use the winnings from, allegedly until you deposit. I don’t… just truly don’t get it. On CM many people say the same thing about their bonuses being shite.

    However, I did deposit there rejecting the bonus and did ok. Another nail in the coffin for me is the (support advised) 2-3 days for a paypal withdrawal to be processed. I have sent them an email after speaking with them about document / ID / DNAtest about these issues. I dare say I will get a robotic reply from someone in fear of escalating comments from customers. I could have done nothing and not gone there anymore.. I could have said “yea this admiral casino is shite” but I took time out to give polite critique.

    >>> DNAtest. Another subject I might bring up at some point.

    baggiedeano WANTED $6

    I have been a member of admiral casino and its predecessor bell fruit casino they went and changed the casino and some dickhead went and changed the former brilliant parachute bonus system into this new system where you have to wager large amounts of money to receive the bonus in 10 pound parts for every stage of the wagering the guy who came up with this idea is a total genius because I haven’t played there since so if you want to stop gambling this casino has the remedy also they send you lots of free spins which converts to the bonus but you cant play any winnings unless you bankrupt yourself doing their new bonus structure to receive 10 pound bonus segments admiral casino take the piss and show it to your face as their doing it lol congrats to the dickhead that killed a former good place to play

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)