Admiral casino a scam site???

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    Williever66 WANTED $5

    Just joined today and had a vicious time on it!

    Deposited £50, got 100% match.+ 40 free spins @10p got me £2.70 on Book of Ra

    . Carried on, got 2 features on 40p a spin. 1st was so so £12. Second doubled my £50, so moved onto Montezuma.

    Thought it was a steady fair game, oh no! It shafted me for £800, £400 of it on 60p, £300 on 90p, the other flitting between £1.50 and £2.10 a spin.6 FEATURES, of which 5 needed the bonus guarantee! The other was about £3 over the bonus guarantee! 2 features got me into inner feature, both worth a huge £2 ish each!

    Fuck me, are they for real? Could have sworn they advertised on TV, so must be legit.

    The other thing is, only did last the £150 on autoplay and it wasn’t adding small wins into my balance!!! WTF??? Not even sure it was adding in small wins to my balance without autoplay, thinking about it!

    So a warning to you all about this site….


    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    Admiral are run by novomatic I think? Should be legit

    Dynamik23 WANTED $82

    100% a real site. You may even have an admiral in your town centre that you didn’t even know about. Slot only casinos. However if wins weren’t being added to balance then that could be a fault or a display issue. Speak to customer service and they can check back through every spin if needed.

    rainbow dust WANTED $8

    They are legit, used to be bell fruit casino then changed to admiral

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $697

    Agree with the above, admiral are defiantly not the best casino, but they did ok ….

    bigbucks1983 WANTED $46

    Are you questioning them because you did your balls in and didn’t get many bonuses? Admiral are legit as been stated but they weren’t the most helpful when I used them a few years back.

    In regards to the small wins not being added on, you could probably get a good idea what your balance should have been from looking at your game play history. The spins and wins should be listed there. Either a display glitch or if it looks like they weren’t being included contact support.

    Jk90 WANTED $25

    Monte updates the balance before the spin ends? sorry for ruining it for those who didn’t know lol once u notice it u cant help but look

    Gavster1989 WANTED $22

    They are a legit site however they hate winners. I went on a winning streak playing low stakes. I won a total of 2k over 2 months then they blocked me saying they didn’t want my acton or somthing across those lines. I was fully verified. Played most nights. Then after loads of good hits in a row boom your blocked. I was gutted. Least they won’t get that money back. Because another casino sucked it all ?

    Williever66 WANTED $5

    Yep, thanks, eventually from me, for all replies.

    Agree they are legit. Did have a couple times fecently of being able to withdraw semi decent money, but pushed my luck too far.

    First 2k of deposits £50, £100 upto £250, about 15 deposits never gave me any return and every game was almost dead!

    Did get bonuses many times but were only 20x or less!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)